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It’s all about the lists…and puppies!

by Jeff Lindigrin
This is a blog about lists. Published lists of the Best whatever list you are looking for. The first list I read had the city of Plano ranked #4 in the United States as “Best Cities to live in.” Another list has Plano at #3 “Best Cities to raise a family.” Finally, I found a list to my liking with Plano coming in #1 as “Best Cities to Buy a House in ‘Merica.”
If you search long enough the city of your choice will come up on a list, best or otherwise. The rankings are based on a multitude of boring but important factors such as crime statistics, school rankings, walk-ability, amenities, fun family places, traffic congestion, proximity to large centers and dog parks. Noteworthy, a “city” is defined with populations in excess of 100,000 folks.
My assumption here…the lists do not consider living there every day of the year. Otherwise, San Diego would beat Milwaukee every time during the winter months. Probably more cities would but there’s no need to hate on Wisconsin any more than necessary. But it is necessary.
So I’m feeling really good about Great Western Home Loans, being one of the best places to work, living in North Texas, working in Plano, making the top 10 list, and listening to a podcast on how raising cattle can lower my blood pressure when I run across this story…

” 4 Companies that give staff paid time off when they get a Puppy”

Yep, Pawternity.  When I first got into this business I commented that the bar is set pretty low for creativity and the bar is constantly moving so we need to try and stay ahead.  But after reading this story I need to find a bar. Any bar. How can we compete with companies that give time off for puppies?
I like puppies. I don’t like what they do to the floors but overall I’m OK with puppies. Not so much with cats.
This isn’t “the Bubba,” but close enough.
Baby cows, I love little calves. The first little calf I had was cool. I named him Bubba. Although it would have been entertaining to ask my boss for a few days off, I just didn’t feel like I needed extra time to adjust.
Hey DFW we got a good thing going on here and we’re in the top ten on lots of lists! Now everyone, go buy a house and get a new puppy.
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Jeff Lindigrin
VP Of Happiness

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