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To go Big…or not.

by Jeff Lindigrin
The problem with big mortgage companies is well…they’re big. Too big.
Recently one of my mortgage friends bragged about their company closing over 3,000 loans a month. Now that’s a lot of loans. 3,000 is a lot of anything. Being nice, my mouth actually went through the process of saying “Wow!” But my brain said, “So what?” That level of production is probably good for the company’s shareholders but how does it help the customer?
Several times a month I am informed that a listing agent recommended their client accept a purchase offer because it included a Pre-Approval Letter from Great Western Home Loans. These are proud moments for us. It’s a reflection of our family mortgage bank that does a great job every day and takes pride in our reputation. It’s also a statement of our accessibility.

Home buyers and sellers are often nervous during the process leading up to closing and they rely on their Realtor for assurance. A Realtor being able to reach out to me or someone they know at Great Western for affirmation provides peace of mind, comfort and happiness.
We’re a family business. And that’s big.
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Jeff Lindigrin
VP Of Happiness

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