Scattershootin’ while wondering whatever happened to mullet haircuts…and the phone book…Tristan Sherrill tells me he used to have one…a mullet…I didn’t, but I did have a phone book… By the time this article is published the most important decision for this great country will be clear, Dak will make America’s Team great again. Right, John Butcher?

The DFW housing market is sooo hot the other day a homebuilder friend of mine said she was putting some slice and dice cookies in the oven at the model home and a family came running into the kitchen…the mom was at least 10 months pregnant, (you know what I mean Christina Dewbre) with 3 wild screaming kids and a worn-out dad in tow. When the dad entered he said, “Can we get one?” The friendly, smiling realtor said, “Well, I just put them in the oven so maybe 12 minutes or so?” With the kids running all over the house yelling and crying and the really pregnant mom trying to keep them in line the dad just shook his head. “No, I mean can we have this house?!”

From the “Hey Man, Hey Buddy, Hey You” category…I get reminded often that I know you…and I do…just can’t remember…and then I crumble under the pressure…so thanks for reminding me again Kimberly Eady Anderson, Beth Caldwell, Omeshi Owens Roberts, Allison Brandt Cummins, Lauren Day, Linda Vo, Angie Buford, and how in the hell did I ever forget Matt Soto.

From the “Isn’t life always fun!” category…There are just enough folks around us that are always having a great day like Pat Ezernak, Beth Rogers, Tracy Walden, Matt Hilton, Michael Coburn, Leslie Rouda Smith, Marnie Smith, Tricia Andrews, Cathy Cappz, Kevin Caskey, Lars Lofland, Cody Longmire just to name a few that I can remember. Be my friend. Let’s make some memories.

Hope their good ones…

Jeff Lindigrin
VP Of Happiness

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