Scattershootin’ while wondering whatever happened to Random Gifts of Kindness… After a long year of beat down negative news every day I’m loving me come December.

This time of year, as we get so busy working, raising kids, going to Starbucks, and, oh yeah, shopping for that perfect gift, we may get a little rushed because of a plate too full…We love to see our loved ones face’s light up when they receive the special gift you gave them… So let’s all give a random gift of kindness to someone every day and see how that feels.

This special gift could be paying for the car behind us at the drive-thru, letting someone cut in front of you in traffic, or just giving someone the benefit of the doubt just in case they may be hurting a little…Granted it may not give you the same tingly feeling when your child rides a bike for the first time without training wheels but I promise your heart will smile…Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from our family at Great Western to yours.

Ok, now I’d like my man card back!

Jeff Lindigrin
VP Of Happiness

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