Scattershootin’ wondering whatever happened to accountability…and the Mullet hairstyle.

The Mullet survived the Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney and David Bowie era. So, I blame it on Tristan Sherrill‘s cousin from another cousin Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus.

From the Grass ain’t always Greener Department… Some people make bad decisions. Others just have bad luck when thinking.

From the ADHD department…

As the VP of Happiness, my duties are varied. For example, last week a longtime business friend passed away. As an ambassador for Great Western, I sent flowers to his funeral from the Company. It just so happened on the same day I’d also sent a beautiful arrangement to Art Carrillo‘s new Texas Urban Living office to wish them luck.

Now my florist is awesome. I always get an email confirmation of the successful deliveries. So, I was surprised when Art called me really upset! Art said, “Jeff I appreciate the flowers and love me some GW but why does the card say, “Rest in Peace”!?

Well naturally I was shocked and told my little buddy Art I’d get to the bottom of this and I immediately called the florist mad as Hell. They politely informed me those were the addresses I’d entered into the system. I checked my order and yep, I had made the mistake.

So, I call Art back and naturally place all the blame on the florist. He starts telling me I should use his florist next time and this and that…Finally, I tell him “Simmer down Art! It could be worse.” He asks, “How so?” Then I say “Put yourself in my shoes for a moment. This afternoon there’s a funeral going on in Frisco and next to the casket is a big beautiful flower arrangement with a card from me that reads ‘Congrats on your new location'”!

Jeff Lindigrin
VP Of Happiness

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