Scattershootin’ while wondering whatever happened to correctness before political was placed in front of it…you know, back in the day when folks like me, Pete Kerrigan, Nancy Holzwarth, Alice of Dallas and Julie Jones favorite TV shows were the ones in color… Back when your parents taught you proper manners…

Which reminds me of a story Scott Moize, Sr. told me.

His Dad was taking him to the Cotton Bowl and they were riding a bus across town. It was really crowded and his dad said: “Son, stand up and let that lady there has your seat”.

He said he didn’t want to but did it anyway. When he got home he was telling his mom about it and how he didn’t want to give up his seat to the lady and his mom said, “Well son, that’s manners and that’s the proper thing to do”.

Frustrated young Scott blurted out “But mom you don’t understand. I was sittiin‘ dads lap!”…the names have been changed in the aforementioned sorry to protect the guilty.

Whilst at the Red Party and receiving my annual hug from Carol Blair it kinda reminded me of Morganna The Kissing Bandit…I said kinda. Google that or ask Kelly Milligan if you are less than forty.

See Y’all at the Christmas parties!

Jeff Lindigrin
VP Of Happiness

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