Sacattershootin’ while wondering whatever happened to the trend of shorter rounds of golf and shorter baseball games…

My golf game is getting better or so I’m told by my friend Chase Harrell who came in 1st Runner Up in the Long Drive contest recently at the CCAR Golf Tournament…hehehehe. 


Don’t worry Chase, when you get my age you’ll be able to hit it past me but by then I’ll be like 90 years old and what kind of enjoyment will that give you…Good to see Michael Coburn and Anthony Graham and Mark Bradford and a whole lot of other folks… Keta Woods and Diane Donley gave me a hug.  Also ran into my “friend” who always lets me invite myself to her Christmas party Stephanie Allen.

Thanks for all who come to The Beer Can Chicken Cookout…Especially Kenya Schane that girl can “SING” as they say back home.

From the “I Love STRESSED spelled backward category”…Nebraska Furniture Mart…stop by and get a cup of coffee and check out their bigass cinnamon rolls…I know…I thought it was a strange place for a coffee shop too but then while I was there I ran into  Gabe Abshire and I said, “Hey padnuh, you here for some new furniture?” Gabe said, “Nope. Just stopped by for a cinnamon roll.”

Random thoughts…Why hasn’t a roofing company invented a business card that looks like a piece of hail? Ever see a Narcissist in a baggy t-shirt?

Jeff Lindigrin
VP Of Happiness

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